Blog for everyone who enjoys speaking and learning English on the Plaine de Nay, with Alison Armstrong-Millar. Alison has been living in france for 7 years
Alison teaches a wide selection of students aged 4 to 64 both individually and in groups and she has a lot of fun doing it.

Tous les jeudis soir au Bar le Chanzy à Nay de 19 à 21 heures
Prix : 5 € par séance à régler à l’arrivée (boisson non incluse).
L’horaire est adaptable, vous pouvez arriver quand cela vous convient pour vous joindre au groupe et partir quand vous le souhaitez.
Ce rendez-vous est avant tout un moment de détente, qui vous permet de pratiquer la langue anglaise en toute convivialité et en prenant un verre.
Ouvert à tous ceux qui aiment parler anglais, peu importe leur niveau.
En espérant vous y retrouver,

Cours particuliers 20 euros par heures.
fix 0559 71 26 79
portable 0601 861 676


ENGLISH PAGE - Verb + Preposition Dictionary

For Stephanie and of course anyone else who needs it!

This is a great dictionary to look up the correct preposition to use with a verb

Phrasal verbs with turn

turn around

Change direction and go/look the other way:

(while driving) “We’re going the wrong way. We need to turn around.”

Can also describe when a failing company/project/process starts to become successful:

“The new director was able to turn the school around – it went from being the worst school in the area to one of the top-ranked schools in the entire country.”

turn away

Not allow someone to enter a place:

“You have to be 21 to enter the club, so my 19-year-old cousin was turned away at the door.”

turn down

1. Decrease volume or heating/air conditioning:

“Could you turn the music down, please? It’s too loud.”

2. Not accept an invitation or offer (can be used for romantic dates, job offers, etc.):

“He asked her out to dinner, but she turned him down.”

“I can’t believe he turned down a great job at a bank in order to try to be a writer!”

turn in

1. Give an assignment to a teacher or supervisor:

“My son needs to turn his research paper in on Thursday.”

2. Go to bed:

“I’m exhausted. I’m going to turn in early tonight.”

3. Deliver someone who committed a crime to the police:

“The drug dealer was turned in by his own mother.”

turn into= Become:

“Caterpillars turn into butterflies.”

turn on

1. Start a machine, light, or electronic device:

“When I get to work, the first thing I do is turn on my computer.”

2. Turn (someone) on = make the person sexually aroused:

“He says that girls with long legs really turn him on.”

turn off

1. Stop a machine, electronic device, or light (for lights, we can use TURN OFF, SHUT OFF, or TURN OUT; for machines, only TURN OFF or SHUT OFF):

“Time to turn off the TV – you’ve been watching for the past three hours!”

2. Turn (someone) off = make someone lose interest, make someone dislike something (may be sexual, but not necessarily):

“It turns me off when my boyfriend tries to hug me when he’s all sweaty.”

“I don’t like that design at all. The bright colors just turn me off.”

turn over

1. To invert:

“Cook the pancakes for 3 minutes on one side, then turn them over.”

2. To transfer something to someone in authority:

“During the investigation, the police asked the company to turn over all their financial information.”

turn out

1. Same as TURN OFF or SHUT OFF for lights:

“When she finished her book, she turned out the light and went to sleep.”

2. Have an end result (especially a surprising one):

“I thought I was unqualified for the job, but it turns out that the company provides training – so previous experience isn’t necessary.”

“We thought the project was going to be a miserable failure, but everything turned out all right in the end.”

turn up

1. Increase volume/temperature:

“Turn up the volume on the TV – I can’t hear anything.”

2. Appear:

“The manager finally turned up for the meeting – 45 minutes late.”

Thank you expresso English for this text!!

holiday dates for the conversation group at the Chanzy

Hi everyone I am on holiday over easter; going to London!!!

So there is no conversation group until Wednsday the 30th of April. yes It’s on a Wednesday because the Chanzy is closed on Thursday 1st of May for the national holiday. So see you on Wednesday 30th April from 19h-21h. 

We will be having cheesecake and Genepi !  Do you know what Genepi is?? Come and try it

Chanzy conversation group vocabulary

Ponder = réfléchir

pilgrimage = pèlerinage  

pilgrim = pèlerin  

brewery = brasserie

sod the expense = au diable avec le côut

porcupine = porc-épic

tough = dur, solide

slush = neige fondue

wire = fil électrique 

trigger = déclencher 

carbohydrate = feculent 

goose = un oie

keen on = aimer

hassle n(trouble)pénible, embêtant, ennuyeux adj ennuis nmpl familierembêtement nm C’est pénible de faire les courses le samedi après-midi.

hassle vtr([sb] about sthg)harceler vtr être après quelqu’un v embêter vtr La star était continuellement harcelée par les média. Elle est toujours après moi pour que j’arrête de boire. 

A lot on my mind = beaucoup de choses qui me préoccupent

cheat = tricher

bandages = pansement

lively = vivant/gai/animé

an accountant = un comptable

scold = gronder

nozzle = jet

malingerer = faux malade

felony = crime

to fancy something = avoir envie de..


Hello! here is the link to John’s new website so you can see the Vietnam photos

English Grammar - Much, Many or a Lot

for stephanie there are some exercises to do at the end of the explanation

Giving advice | Learn English

for Fanny and Stephanie, but everyone is welcome to look at it too!

Thought of the Day


“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”—Sam Keen

here we go this is for everyone and especially Fanny! Practice the sound i;

I heard the fish here is fantastic! that’s the sentence you were thinking of Fanny!